Site Stats for 2010

I share these stats for:

– tea retailers and tea industry folks who want more of a snapshot of what tea blogs actually bring to the table. Who knows, maybe some of you want to submit a tea for review or want to advertise to reach a targeted, niche audience of tea drinkers.

– bloggers who want info or interaction. You want to know if your blog is keeping up with the digital Joneses.  I showed my cards- will you comment and share yours? If you like what you see, lets talk about working together.

Basically, the stats reveal steady annual growth in the marathon of building a blog business. Most of my audience remains U.S. based, which jibes with my intended goal of supporting U.S. tea customers.



  • Over 33,000 pageviews: Over 20,000 were new visitors and over 12,000 new visitors indicate that Walker Tea Review continues to grow. Peak viewing months extend from the cooler months between September and March.
  • 73% of total audience is U.S. based


  • approximately 700 Twitter followers
  • over 150 Facebook fans

Over 300 tea reviews published by end of year 2010.

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